Restorative Yoga

Ideal for students with limited range of motion who want to start easy and enjoy a fitness program that is adapted to their body's needs and abilities. Fundamental yoga sequences are taught that strengthen the overlapping muscles surrounding the spine, increasing flexibility and releasing back discomfort while working core abdominal muscles and increasing lung capacity. Mat and Chair exercises only.

Yoga 1 Beginner level.

Learn fundamental principles and practices of classical Hatha Yoga asanas resulting in increased balance, health and well being.

In this class, students will be guided through floor, seated and standing postures that open vital energy centers. Proper body alignment and flowing transition between poses are taught along with the use of breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures), mantras (sounds) and visualization.

Yoga 2 Intermediate and advanced level.

Continuation of Yoga 1. A blending of various Hatha Yoga styles allowing students to go deeper into themselves. Practice includes back bends, inversions, advanced standing and balancing poses, hip openers and flowing sequences.

Advanced techniques in breathing, mudras, mantras and meditation.

Kundalini "The Power" Advanced level.

Intense form of Hatha Yoga that involves fast movement and breath synchronization, use of mudras and chanting practices. Aiming to cultivate awareness of channeling energy centers through the use of Kriyas to heat the body from within and awaken "Kundalini Energy".

Emphasis on balancing and strengthening the glandular and nervous system.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion Intermediate and advanced level.

The science and art of Hatha Yoga coupled with Pilates method of body conditioning resulting in strong and controlled graceful movements. Posture sequences include Pilates mat work fused with yoga asanas and pranayamas to connect body and mind.



Zumba for Beginners All levels welcome.

This is a dance fitness class that blends high energy dance steps with international Latin inspired music. You can burn 500 to 1,000 calories per class.

In this class we break down the steps for you to learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more. You will learn the basics and have fun doing it while improving your stamina. Taught in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

Vinyasa Flow All levels.

Through this deeply meditative and challenging, yet light hearted and fun practice, students will connect breath with movement. Sequences will help build strength, stamina and flexibility while increasing concentration and balance. Modifications will be given allowing students to practice at their own level. Regardless of your level, from beginner to advanced, this exciting class will leave you refreshed as we always conclude the class with a deep meditation.

Class Descriptions


Yoga with weights All levels.

Traditional classical Hatha Yoga sequences with the additional use of light weights to support bone mass and keep muscle tone.

Boot Camp All levels welcome.

Come join Benny as she takes you through a fun and invigorating


Bootcamp uses short bursts of resistance exercises with

moderate weights and repetitions to target ALL muscle groups which

really burns off calories and increases stamina, strength and toning.

Vinyasa Power Flow All levels welcome.

This class is a mixture of vinyasa and power flow yoga. Sequences are built to increase strength, stamina, balance and flexibility through a constant flow of asanas or poses. Modifications will be provided for all levels, regardless of where you are in your practice. All classes end with a deep meditation. So come to refresh, and in the process reshape your body.